Wednesday, May 23, 2012

B Movie Actor: "Obama Forcing Catholic Institutions To Cover Birth Control For Their Employees Is EXACTLY The Same As Henry VIII Killing Thomas More"

Ultra right wing "News" site CNSNews, interviewed movie "star" Eduardo Verastegui, his opinion on the Obamacare regulation that will mandate all employers to cover contraception for their employees health insurance plan:

Eduardo Verastegui, who plays the Catholic martyr Anacleto Gonzalez Flores in the soon to be released film For Greater Glory, says that Mexican President Plutarco Calles, whose government was responsible for Flores’s martyrdom in 1927, and President Barack Obama, who is moving forward in 2012 with a health-insurance regulation that will force Catholics in the United States to act against their faith, are both like Henry VIII, who martyred St. Thomas More in 1535 when More refused to act against his faith and take an oath affirming that Henry was the supreme authority over the church in England.

I had no idea that this new regulation allowed IRS officials the legal authority to have employers hanged, drawn and quartered for failing to comply. Wonder if there's a similar provision in Dodd-Frank...

To be fair, I should mention that the CNS interviewer was the one who originally injected the Henry VIII stuff in his question. Course, that still didn't mean Verastegui had to agree with such an idiotic comparison.

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