Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bishop agrees Jesus would defend gay people being oppressed but decides to ignore him anyway

On today's episode of Hardball, Chris Matthews had  on Bishop Harry Jackson, to debate same sex marriage. This part of the segment caught my attention:

Matthews: You think he [Jesus] would have been chasing after the kid with the long hair and cutting his hair or would he be the one protecting the kid with long hair in high school.

Jackson: He would be protecting the kid in high school.

Matthews: Right, I thought so, but you're with the guy who's going after the kid...

Jackson: No, no no. I'm not necessarily with him right now.

Jackson went on to talk about "righteousness" and "justice", not exactly detailing what the hell his actual point was in the context of defending his anti same sex marriage stance. Slightly later on, he said that he supports the idea of civil unions, but allowing gays to marry would some how discourage heterosexual couples from getting married.

At the very least, Jackson seemed to acknowledge the type of person Jesus actually was (unlike certain people), though it's a shame that he's decided to not be anything like him.

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  1. Where are the religious leaders? In bed with the MONEY CHANGERS or a little boy.