Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Forbes columnist gleefully approves Facebook Co-Founder renouncing U.S. citizenship to avoid paying taxes

Right wingers have the strangest role models. John Tamny, a columnist for Forbes Magazine, recently penned an article about Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, heroically renouncing his U.S. citizenship because of the jack booted thugs at the IRS. It's quite the article:

As is well known now, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin recently renounced his U.S. citizenship. Though no specific reason was given by Saverin for his decision, wise minds could very credibly proclaim him an American hero for doing what he did. Indeed, Saverin’s U.S. “de-friend” is great for economic growth on its face, and then the political implications of his move will hopefully pay future taxation dividends that accrue to entrepreneurialism and advancement. Media members will vilify Saverin, but hysteria from that quarter is to be expected.

Saverin’s essential maneuver will at first glance hopefully get Americans thinking once again about our wrongheaded system of taxation. As it stands now, Americans, through taxes levied on income and capital gains, are explicitly forced to “prove” their income to the IRS.
Think about the above for a moment. A nation founded on skepticism about politicians and government now has as one of its most powerful institutions a revenue agency meant to badger its citizens about how much they owe a government utterly contemptuous of constitutional limits.  To this insatiable beast, Saverin is apparently saying no.  Good for him!
FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST. Tamny goes on to write several additional paragraphs about how absolutely amazing this real life John Galt is (presumably ejaculating multiple times along the way).

While it is unfortunate that Mr. Saverin decided to take his business elsewhere, I truly doubt we're going to see a mass exodus of super rich people any time soon. I have no idea what Saverin's current plans are, but the U.S. still currently has the largest economy in the world, and life will go on. It's the same reason why many fortune 500 companies are still located in high tax hellholes like California and New York instead of low tax paradises like Alaska or Wyoming.

But there was something else that struck me about this piece. For years, and years, right wingers like Tamny have consistently told us that ANY criticism towards America was considered blasphemy of the highest order. One never, ever apologizes for America. Not for slavery, not for the forced relocation of an entire people, not for torture, not for internment camps, not for any civil rights injustices, not for wars created under false pretenses, not growing inequality, not anything. Hell, Romney even wrote a book about such a concept! Those issues that were mentioned were unfortunate, but not significant enough to besmirch the good name of the United States.

But a 15% tax on capital gains? Sorry, that my friends, that's a bridge too far. That's completely worth spitting in the face of Lady Liberty herself. That's worth defecating on the Constitution. That's worth pissing on George Washington's grave. An American soldier can go off and die in a war for many things, but this is not one of them. And that my friends, is what makes Saverin a TRUE patriot.

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