Sunday, May 27, 2012

Republican Strategist Says Obama is the Most Liberal President Ever Because Obamacare Contains Individual Mandate

I'm a fairly big fan of Bill Maher's show, Real Time, but for some reason, I somehow missed a good chunk of one episode that aired on May 4. Not sure how I missed it, but I came across it when I was looking for something else on the youtubes.

For this episode, Maher invited Republican strategist and former Rudy Giuliani aid, Susan Del Percio. He started off the show by asking a question most of us on the left have been asking for the past 4 years: Why is Obama the most leftist president in American history? The best Percio could come up with was to mention Obamacare. While attempting to go down that path was dumb by itself, what REALLY caught my eye was when she tried to say that it was a super leftist program because of the individual mandate!

"He [Obama] was originally against the mandate, but Nancy Pelosi had to drag him to the left."
This is absolutely stunning. Not only was the individual mandate an idea concocted by the left, but Nancy Pelosi (!) was the one who was actively supporting such a thing and strong arming Obama into supporting it! Wow.

If the individual mandate was as liberal as she claims, most of us on the left would be ecstatic. But it's not. The individual mandate was a Republican idea (as Maher points out a few minutes later). George H.W. Bush supported it, Bob Dole supported it, the Heritage Foundation supported it, and so did a certain "extremely conservative" Republican presidential nominee.

There were other provisions like the public option that were farther left to what we wound up with, that Obama may have wanted, but he sure as hell didn't fight for it, and took that option completely off the table after a while. In fact, Nancy Pelosi was the one that fought hard to try and have it contained in the final bill (obviously we know how that went). And that's without getting into the whole MUCH further left, extra socialist, single payer thing (also known as medicare in some parts). In other words, Percio has this whole thing ass backwards.

Also, lest anyone thinks that she accidentally misspoke, here she is a few minutes later:


It's even to the left of what he wanted. He has bent himself more to the left on his first two years of his administration being led by Nancy Pelosi."

No, you twit. It's to the RIGHT of what he wanted. And she says this mere SECONDS after admitting that Republicans in the 90s would have supported such a thing.

Of course, Percio isn't stupid. She's just a lying hack. Some times I don't know what's worse.

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