Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard DESTROYS Bill Maher

Noel Sheppard, a columnist for the far right website, Newsbusters, totally owned comedian, Bill Maher the other day. See, Maher wrote the following on the Twitter:

#GeorgeZimmerman is #SeanHannity's missing white girl
Mr. Sheppard didn't seem to understand what Maher meant, but one of the gifted folks at his outlet introduced him to this new fangled contraption called "Wikipedia". From there, they discovered the following definition:

Missing white woman syndrome (MWWS) is a term used by some media and social critics to describe the disproportionate degree of coverage in television, radio, newspaper and magazine reporting of an adversity, most often a missing person case, involving a young, white, upper-middle class (frequently blonde) woman or girl. This degree of coverage is usually contrasted with cases concerning a missing male, or missing females of other ethnicities, socioeconomic classes or physical attractiveness.
Once little Noel understood this is what Maher was referencing, he shot back:
With this in mind, since Maher and the rest of the liberal media quickly rushed to judgment and claimed Zimmerman guilty, doesn't that make Trayvon Martin THEIR missing white woman?

Maher likely didn't consider that.

Ho ho. I bet he didn't, Noel! Maher definitely looked like he got "served", as I'm told the kids say nowadays.
Still, I can't help but wonder if this joke applies considering that Trayvon Martin isn't missing, but actually DEAD. 


  1. Maher may be an a@#hole, but at least he flirts with the concept of a world where intelligent people agree to disagree and divergent viewpoints are only subjected to mild amounts of good-natured ridicule. Hell, he's even friends with Ann Coulter.
    Noel Sheppard, on the other hand, is simply an ass who spent way too much of his time at UC Berkeley watching Stoney Burke rant and rave every day during lunch time on Sproul Plaza.

    Don't kid yourself. Maher and Burke are comedians. Noel Sheppard is a clown who'd be better off tending to his herd of sheep...

  2. Sheppard didn't understand what Maher meant? I bet that happens a lot to Mr. Sheppard.