Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No, Ron Christie, Obama and the Democrats Hanging Out With Rich Folk Doesn't Make Them As Bad As The Republicans

Sigh. So Ed Schultz invited former Dick Cheney flack, Ron Christie, to participate in a panel discussing Mitt Romney's reliance on the uber wealthy to fund his campaign.

Christie didn't like all the poo-pooing that Ed and the rest of the panel were doing to poor Mitt, so he countered that Obama himself absolutely LOVES hanging out with the richies too! Therefore, he's just as bad, if not WORSE in terms of being out of touch than Mitt is. So there!

Seriously guys, this isn't that hard. We don't particularly care that Mittens prefers hanging out with wealthy folk like himself. The issue is that he's pursuing policies that help to line up the pockets of those same wealthy people, at the expense of everyone else. Obama, by comparison may have $10,000 per plate fundraisers, but he's actually supporting policies that make the rich pay MORE. It's sort of an important distinction.

Also, I wish the righties would make up their mind. Is Obama a smug, elitist that enjoys looking down on the filthy masses, or is he some naive, do-gooder, bleeding heart moneyphobe? He can't be both.

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