Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Right Wing Commentator: Instead of "Raping" The Wealthy, How About We "Educate" The Filthy Poor On Bootstrappin'?

So there's this right wing commentator named Tanya Machiol. I've never heard of this woman, but apparently she's a "real estate guru", who's the founder and president of a company called Team Investments, inc.  Liberal radio host, Thom Hartmann invited her to his radio show the other day to debate the idea of having a tax that would do away with billionaires in America.

There were quite a few amusing things she stated over the course of the clip. On the subject of Reaganomics, she claimed that Reagan cut spending, instead of actually, you know, tripling the debt. She said that Reagan reduced inflation, even though that was actually accomplished by the Fed chairman at the time, Paul Vockler. At one point, when Hartmann asked why we shouldn't go back to the tax rates under Clinton, Tanya claimed that constituted economic "rape".

But probably the biggest highlight of the show came at around 6:17. Hartmann asked her why high taxed times like the 50s and 60s were great for economic growth, while times when we had low taxes weren't. Her response:

"So now we're going to overtax the wealthy to give to the poor? Going back to my point and what I wanted to say is, why don't we educate those who don't understand what a work ethic is?"
Tanya manages to execute the remarkable triple strike: 1) Attack poor people for being poor 2) Use a hyperbolic metaphor to defend the rich, 3) Not actually bother answering the question that was asked. Quite an impressive feat, actually.

I am curious to see how Tanya would like to go about "educating" these "people". Perhaps she'd go around following homeless folk while reading various passages from Atlas Shrugged with a blow horn.

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