Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: British Socialism is Scarier Than Chinese Socialism

You can always count on El Rushbo (why do people call him that? He hates Mexicans..) to provide some thought provoking commentary:

For those of you that can't watch videos at work, a caller asks Rush on his thoughts about Britain's opening ceremony celebrating its Nationalized Health Care program (the NHS), and whether that was more or less socialist than China's opening ceremony.

As one would expect from someone like Rush, he wasn't too pleased by it. He couldn't believe the idea that a supposedly "free" people like the Brits would willingly praise anything as awful as socialized medicine. In regards to the Chinese (which Rush kept referring to as 'Chicoms'), Rush said that he could at least understand why its people would revere socialism, because unlike Britain, they were coerced to do so, "under guns" and thus they didn't have a choice.

So in Rush's mind, people genuinely celebrating their socialism are in a worse position than people who are forced to celebrate by threat of force (such as guns, for example). Good to know. I wonder if he also thinks Israel's socialism is worse than China's as well...

By the way, I have to say I'm somewhat surprised that Romney didn't accidentally praise Britain's health care system while he was doing his comedy tour.

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