Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tea Party Leader: It's Worth Throwing Five MILLION Legal Voters Off the Voting Rolls If It Means Preventing Twenty THOUSAND Potentially Illegal Voters From Voting

On his radio program today, Thom Hartmann invited Tea Party Nation founder, Judson Philips to demonstrate how much of an asshole he is. As would be expected from someone of the neo-Confederate persuasion, Philips offered plenty of stupid comments, but the most egregious was during the following exchange. Philips was arguing that there are tens of thousands of people committing voter fraud each election, a number he pulled out from his hind quarters, so Hartmann decided to play along (skip to 8:03):


Hartmann: Let's, let's even stipulate Bill, excuse me, Judson. Let's stipulate that ten or twenty thousand people a year are illegally voting. Use your numbers. Is that worth throwing five million people off the voting rolls? Is that a reasonable cost benefit equation?

Philips: It is worth making sure people who are allowed to vote, CAN vote and people who are not allowed to vote, DON'T vote.

This is quite a stunning admission. But hey, since the Tea folk aren't really big fans of that thar book learnin', maybe he thinks 5 million is a smaller number than 20 thousand? (trying to be generous here, folks)

Philips then goes on to rationalize his answer by saying that we need these inane voter ID laws because of close races like the 2000 presidential election. How that's supposed to justify making MILLIONS of citizens ineligible to vote, I'm not exactly sure.

In another part of the interview, Philips claimed that there were twelve thousand non citizens registered to vote, and five thousand who actually voted in the last election. When Thom asked how many were prosecuted, Philips responded: "zero". This inconvenient fact didn't appear to bother him very much, if at all.

Later, Philips argued that dead people were somehow one of the major sources of voter fraud (which he smugly referred to as a "key Democratic constituency"). Hartmann asked him to name one dead person that voted, to which Philips brought up panty sniffer, James O'Keefe, and how he attempted to vote as the Attorney General, Eric Holder (which is odd, since I'm pretty sure Holder is still alive). Hilariously, Philips HIMSELF admitted that while O'Keefe attempted to commit voter fraud, he didn't ACTUALLY do so because he didn't turn in his ballot, thus undermining his whole point, whatever the hell it was.

Seeing Philips flailing throughout the interview was a great thing to behold. I'm somewhat surprised he did such a shitty job defending himself. I clearly expected better of someone who claims the President is a stupid, homosexual, drug addict.


  1. I'm sure he thinks it's completely OK to remove those 5 million voters from the rolls because they wouldn't be voting Republican anyway. I want to know where he got his 20,000 number. The last estimate I heard said that there were fewer than 100 cases of voter fraud between 2000 and 2005, and most of those were fraud by election officials.

  2. I'm sure he figures it's worth it, period. ...Actual prevention of voter fraud is quite beside the point.

  3. Except thats not what he said. He responded to that question in typical political evasiveness: "lawfullness is good, unlawfullness is bad". Nowhere did he say "yes, we should trade 10 million legal voters to get rid of 10K illegal ones."

  4. The whole time during Bush administration they claimed there was little to no illegal voting (especially after accusations following the recount in Florida) but now illegal voting is rampant...and is almost exclusive to Democratic voters. Just another instance of the new Republican Party's motto - "Anti-Democrat uberalles"

  5. This law isnt an issue. Just bring the same ID that you use to drive with. Or a couple pieces of paper that relate to your taxes, your welfare, whatever. This debate is inane.

    1. No. How about you folks learn to take 'no' for an answer, instead, and keep your anti-American sentiments to yourselves.