Thursday, July 26, 2012

Won't ANYONE Defend the Honor of the Bush Tax Cuts For the Rich? :(

Seriously, after ten years, one would think these simians would come up with SOME excuse for this. Even if it's a really stupid one.

Bob Beckel, the sole democrat on Fox's The Five points out a painfully inconvenient fact to his right wing co-hosts: after the Clinton tax hikes on the rich were enacted 23 million jobs were created. After the Bush tax cuts for the rich were enacted, we created a net total of 1 million jobs.

At this point, former press secretary to George W. Bush steps in to defend her former boss's record, and try to explain why things didn't work out. Unfortunately, she does an absolutely awful job. She blamed Clinton for the dot com bubble bursting, and thus causing a recession that her former boss had to take care of. She then immediately tries to shift the discussion in another direction.

I'm honestly surprised how incompetent these people are. At the very least she could have blamed the lack of growth due to increased spending, which is a stupid argument, but hey at least it's something. Even the so-called conservative "intellectual", Charles Krauthammer couldn't come up with any pseudo legitimate defense.

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