Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow, I Knew Ed Gillespie Wasn't the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer, But...

So Romney adviser, and really shitty spin doctor, Ed Gillespie has been getting some well deserved ridicule after his idiotic attempt at damage control on Sunday:

As much as I enjoyed seeing Gillespie mocked relentlessly, I was willing to give him an infinitesimal amount of slack, simply because he probably came up with that answer on the fly, and it probably sounded good in his head when he said it.

But no, as usual, I give these people too much credit. See, I saw Gillespie say this on Meet the Press, and I assumed he only mentioned it once, on that particular program throughout the whole day. But it seems that wasn't the case. He said it once AGAIN, on Candy Crowley's show (whatever the hell it's called) on CNN!

In other words, it appears that after saying it once, none of Gillespie's aides, and even Gillespie himself, thought that it was a positively stupid comment with the potential to be mocked endlessly. Indeed, Gillespie probably looked in a mirror in the bathroom, smiled smugly, stroked his chin triumphantly and strutted to his next interview, all the while thinking: "Nailed it!" the entire time.

Also, too: Unlike Obama's comments from his speech the other day about businessmen not building their own businesses, you don't need to take Gillespie's comments out of context to make him sound retarded.

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