Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Easy Arguments To Combat Romney/Ryan's Medicare Muddling

I've complained rather often about the general uselessness of our media (and might I add, rightfully so!). But every once in a while, I find myself being pleasantly surprised to see some random journalist actually (gasp!) doing their goddamned job! I am referring of course, to CNN's adorable Soledad O'Brien, who did a great job taking Romney flaks John Sununu and Tim "T-Paw" Pawlenty to task on the hypocrisy of slamming Obama for medicare "cuts" that VP nominee, and boy "genius", Paul Ryan himself supported. Soledad deserves a lot of praise for going above and beyond the call of duty... by doing the absolute fucking minimum that one would expect of a journalist.

Unfortunately, while my little cutie pie did a good job on her own, she could have been more effective with her arguments. Here's the thing. Citing the CBO and using numbers and charts and such are definitely good things, but they're the type of things that seem directed toward those of us who have no lives that already follow politics pretty closely. The average voter however, doesn't know what the hell a CBO is.

No, the proper way to go about this is to ditch them fancy words and numbers, and basically make the arguments against the Romney/Ryan attacks as simple and easy to digest as possible. And because I'm such a helpful guy, allow me to suggest some solid defenses.

1. If they bring up the Obama cuts to medicare and whine that it was such a horrible idea, ask them if they agree that it was also horrible for Ryan to keep those same cuts as well.

Now, some of you may be saying "Wait, they HAVE been bringing that up this week.", you are correct, but not really. It's true they bring up Paul Ryan's cuts as well, but the guests usually escape by saying that they're going with Romney's budget (whatever that is) instead of Ryan's. Keep the focus on Ryan, ask your guests whether Ryan was right to keep those cuts, and what does that say about Mitt Romney's decision making ability to choose someone like Ryan despite supporting such policies.

2. Ask them why the hell would an evil socialist ideologue, who dreams of having every facet of your life run by the government, would support cuts to a program that's 100% covered by the government (medicare) want to divert money to a program that's much farther to the right, which relies heavily on the PRIVATE insurance market (Obamcare)?

This honestly seems like a no-brainer to me, and yet I haven't even seen the commies on MSNBC bring this up. Romney, Ryan and the rest of the Republican party have this major problem where they can't directly attack medicare as this evil government program because it's enormously popular. This lead them to resort to using an amazing bit of political jiujitsu where they're trying to make the argument that Obamacare, because it's less popular, is somehow MORE big government than even medicare. It's almost breathtaking how cynical such a move is, but that's what they're going with.

3. If Ryan's "premium support system"/vouchers/coupons are so awesome, why not offer that to seniors RIGHT NOW?

The Republicans have been making this argument that Ryan's voucher system works just like federal health insurance plans that all congressmen have. They say "if it's good enough for our members of congress, it should be good enough for the American people!". Of course, although it sounds awesome, it's clearly not awesome, or perhaps TOO awesome for current seniors. This would put the Reps in a real pickle, and they'd have trouble weaseling their way out. If it really is so great, then they should convince current medicare beneficiaries to make the switch and see how well that goes. If it's not so great, then Republicans will be caught admitting that in addition to wanting to fuck over younger people, they will be admitting that a government run program is BETTER than a private alternative! The lols that would come about seeing the logical contortions alone would be worth bringing this up.

4. If Romney so desperately wants to keep those cuts from going into effect, how does Romney plan on paying for it and how does increasing medicare spending increase the solvency of the program?

It probably doesn't need to be said, but if you're going to increase spending on something, that additional money needs to be coming from somewhere else. What further programs is he gonna cut and whose taxes are he gonna raise? Or he going to just borrow money from China to fund socialized medicine?

5. Is Obama actually cutting medicare or not?

One of the many complaints the Right has about Obama is that he's not a proper leader because he's afraid to make important decisions on entitlements, and thus refuses to cut a single cent from medicare. This argument is being made simultaneously alongside another argument where Obama's somehow actually hates medicare and wants to gut it spectacularly.

Either Obama's a timid little wienie who's afraid to "make the touch choices" or he's a heartless, evil medicare raider. He can't be both.

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