Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grover Norquist Describes Paul Ryan As "Center-Right"

On a special Saturday showing of Hardball, Chris Matthews invited Grover Norquist to share his thoughts. This statement in particular stood out. After Matthews asked Norquist whether Rob Portmann or Tim Pawlenty would have achieved a similar level of excitement from the base, Norquist had this to say:

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Norquist: I think it would have been different because the broad center-right is more familiar with Ryan's work, the Ryan budget. Remember, Gingrich fell apart in the last campaign. when he sort of said "Well, set Ryan aside, I got another theory.", and his campaign imploded. The broad center-right has accepted the Ryan approach.
Does Norquist seriously believe this crap? If the things Paul Ryan supports count as "center-right", then what qualifies a person being far right? Supporting a bill that allows millionaires to beat homeless people with baseball bats? When Matthews pressed Norquist to qualify who he would think is further right than Ryan, Norquist diverted by bringing up Reagan and freedom and such. Not only is Paul Ryan in any way center-right, he's also the most right wing VP candidate since 1900.

Let's be real here. Paul Ryan is about as center-right as Jay Gould was.

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