Sunday, August 5, 2012

RNC Chair: I think this president has got a problem with the American dream.

George Stephonopolous invited acerbic RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus on This Week to discuss the little feud going on between Harry Reid and Mitt Romney regarding his tax returns. He asked Preibus whether Romney should put this whole tax return business to rest by simply releasing them. Priebus provided a very interesting answer:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Setting aside Harry Reid's charges, a lot of Republicans, as you know, a lot of major figures in your party, have come forward and said that Mitt Romney should just release more of his tax returns. Wouldn't that make a lot of these questions go away?
PRIEBUS: George, here's what I think. I think this president has got a problem with the American dream. You know, when I grew up -- and I know that both Republicans and Democrats listening to this right now agree with this -- when I grew up, in a great place called Kenosha, Wisconsin, my dad was a union electrician, my mom was a realtor. We drove around town, and when my parents and we drove past a beautiful house on the corner, my parents didn't point at the house and say, hey, look at this lousy people in this beautiful house. Look at this guy and his new Corvette.
My dad did probably the same thing your dad did and a lot of dads out there. He turned around, and he said, listen, pal, if you work hard and you go to school, mom and dad, we hope you live in that house. We hope it's two times bigger than that house. That's the American dream.
And this idea that we're spending all of our time just killing people because they live the American dream and made something out of nothing and made money -- I mean, this is crazy talk. And I just think we need to get back to the issues.

Yes, Reince Priebus thinks President Obama's got a problem with the American dream, as opposed to Mitt Romney who is the living embodiment of the American dream, proving that a White male born into wealth can still make it in this world, against all odds.

Obama not only has issue with the American dream, but also with anyone else who's achieved it. He scours wealthy neighborhoods in cities like Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades as part of his socialist youth training regimen with his daughters.  Instructing them to stand in front of their windows, giving the residents stink eye until they ask them to leave, and repeating the process for every other mansion in a five mile radius (i.e. KILLING them). No doubt Obama is filled with (Marxist) RAGE at the thought that these filthy capitalist pigs live in large houses, while Obama himself will never be able to. Or something.

I'm personally not a huge fan of Republicans in general, but Priebus really grinds my gears. Every time he makes an appearance, he gives off this perpetually pissed off, douche-like vibe. At least Michael Steele had that lovable goofiness about him. Priebus is just a dick.

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