Friday, August 10, 2012

Rudy Giuliani Goes Off Script, Claims Obama Wants to Lower Taxes Further

So former mayor, Rudy "9/11" Giuliani appeared on Fox and Friends to lambast the President about various things, but one of those things caught my attention (skip to 2:01):


[Referring to Obama] Trying to, trying to really create fewer people paying taxes. Roughly about 47% of people pay, if you look at what Obama wants to do with the tax code, we'd end up moving that number closer to 50%. It's a terrible direction for us to be going.

Got that? Obama doesn't want to raise taxes at all, the lousy socialist! And here we have a prominent Republican apparently very unhappy with the prospect of people paying less in taxes. What happened to "taxed enough already!"?

Of course, one could argue that he didn't say anything wrong at all, because the people Giuliani's referring to, aren't the "proper" type of people to receive help from the government. These are the people who need to be paying their fair share, and that it's about time some courageous soul stood up to these lucky duckies and demand that they stop taking advantage the generous tax breaks they receive on account of that whole being poor thing.

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