Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Raising Taxes on The Rich During a Recession is Stupid, Which is Why I'd Rather Vote to Raise Taxes On EVERYONE Instead

I must say, I'm glad somebody finally asked a Republican congressman straight up whether they would allow taxes to go up on everyone if President Obama and the Democrats don't budge on their preference to let the rates expire for the very wealthy. Surprisingly enough, it was CNN's Candy Crowley, not really my idea of a hard hitting journalist, who asked this (skip to 2:06).

Graham: Just quickly, yes or no. If the Democrats stay where they are and if the President stays where he is, would you be willing to say, "Fine, if we can't reach a deal, taxes go up on everyone.'

Graham: I'm willing to do the Bowles-Simpson plan. Not one person who's looked at this in a bi-partisan way has said you need to raise tax rates. Bowles-Simpson says let's flatten the tax code, let's eliminate all tax deductions but two, take the money to pay down rates...

Crowley: But long term. That's sort of a long term thing. These cuts will expire...

Graham: I'm not gonna do a short term thing, that's stupid. It would be stupid, in an economy this weak to raise tax rates on a million small businesses at a time where they can't hire people.

Graham argued for the first several minutes about how taxing ANYONE at the current moment would have a devastating effect on the economy! But if he's not able to protect the people he actually gives a shit about, well, clearly it's preferable, perhaps even morally justifiable, to screw over EVERYONE else too. Clearly, THAT will somehow have less of a negative effect on the economy.

Republicans in the Senate last week voted against extending tax cuts for only people making under $250,000, as did their colleagues in the House. It should go without saying, but unfortunately, it NEEDS to be said, repeatedly:

Republicans don't give a shit about you if you're not rich. 

The ONLY reason they allowed these tax cuts on the middle and lower classes to begin with, was simply to allow greater tax cuts on the very wealthy to go through. It's disgusting how these people have this reputation of being against taxes. The love taxes, as long as they hit those who can least afford them.

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