Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Romney Adviser: Private Insurance is the Best Thing Ever! But Don't Worry, We're Not Going to Give That To Current Seniors!

So I thought this was amusing. Romney adviser, John Sununu was on Hardball today, and while discussing Paul Ryan's plan to voucherize medicare, he said: "I'd rather have a private insurance policy than a government insurance policy any day!".

Now, a Republican supporting something private over something public is hardly a shocking revelation. But it's what he said mere seconds before that makes his statement interesting:

Matthews: But the future of medicare under the Ryan and Romney plan is to replace a fee for service program, which we've all grown up with, you go to the doctor and you pay for it with a voucher plan where you go out and buy insurance in the private market.

Sununu: No!

Matthews: That's what they want to do, both of them.

Sununu: But but that happens for people under 55!

Matthews: Well, why is that a good deal?

Sununu: We're talking people 55 and older right now who might be concerned?

Matthews: Well, why is that a good deal for future...

*cross talk*

Matthews: If it's so great, why not do it now?

Sununu: I'd rather have a private insurance policy than a government insurance policy any day!

Got that? Sununu thinks private insurance is the bestest thing ever. But apparently not awesome enough to convince current seniors to take that instead of medicare. Maybe Sununu's greedy and wants all the private insurance plans for himself!

Of course, Sununu knows damn well that seniors love them some socialized health care. Romney/Ryan not giving current seniors the option of getting private insurance is a tacit admission that they know their plan is full of shit.

Watch the whole interview below:

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