Thursday, September 13, 2012

Got Some Bad News For CNN CONTRIBUTOR Erick Erickson

One of the more eyebrow raising things I've encountered in my journeys into the wingnuttosphere, was this somewhat bizarre infatuation the right wing had with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Here's a post from's (and also contributor for the same channel that provides Wolf Blitzer work) Erick Erickson from a few years ago:

Their guy:

Our guy:

See, those shots of Obambi being all wimplike and insulting the memory of the Founding Fathers (like Reagan) didn't sit right with ole' Erick. As opposed to those shots of Putin, which got the founder all nice and wet in his nether regions.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand to some degree why Mr. Erickson can't help but drool at the sight of a shirtless, male Russian. See, Putin gives off a sense of masculinity and toughness that people like Erick can't help but be attracted to. And like all right wing tough guys, Eric yearns to be in the firm, but protective embrace of big, strong father figure who will defend him from all kinds of bad people, like African Americans, Muslims, teachers, homosexuals, IRS agents, etc.

Of course, what is slightly harder to figure out is why Eric and his ilk would choose to lust after this particular object of wish fulfillment. I mean, they do realize the dude's from Russia, right? Which, for all intents and purposes, is identical to the Soviet Union, which in turn is one of the primary originators of the radical ideology that's shaped the life of Barack Hussein Obama! Aren't there any dictators of Banana Republics somewhere that would be more appropriate for these fucks to masturbate to?

In any case, I've got more bad news for little Erick. It seems the pictures in question were actually built upon a little bit of deception:

Russian President Vladimir Putin "has admitted that some of his most famous media adventures with wildlife have been carefully staged but has said they were worthwhile because they drew the public's attention to important conservation projects," Reuters reports.

"His macho appearances with everything from tigers to whales have been a staple of Russian state TV for years, cementing his image as a man of action but drawing mockery from critics who have likened them to Soviet-style propaganda."

Yep, apparently poor Erick was jizzing over a fraud all these years. All those times fantasizing about Putin blowing a load in his mouth, all the money spent over buying strap-ons to roleplay "CIA vs. KGB" with his wife, all based on a lie. Poor Erick.

Oh what am I saying? These are the same guys who whacked it to National Guardsmen, George Dubya Bush in an oversized codpiece. If anything, this news should only make Putin that much more irresistible in Erick's eyes. By the time he's done finding out about this story, I imagine he'll probably be en route to some department store to purchase several more Putin posters to plaster around his walls.

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