Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, This Was Unexpected..

So yesterday, I made a rather acerbic post directed at Kevin Williamson, the editor of the National Review. Williamson said some things on MSNBC's Up With Chris Hayes on Saturday that I, as a Democrat found rather offensive, and decided to comment on it. It was a really short, non-detailed post that was just me letting out some steam, and something that I wasn't gonna dwell on beyond that point. I only linked it to two or three of the message boards that I frequent, so it was never supposed to be one of my bigger stories.

Which is why I was utterly flabbergasted to find out that the very next day, Kevin Williamson himself responded to that same post! I was quite stunned that 1) he found my blog post to begin with and 2) he bothered to give me any attention whatsoever by actually replying. Oh sure, I've gained a little bit of notoriety in the past few months, but not enough, I would think, to have an editor for one of the biggest conservative news outlets in the country to even give me the time of day. After confirming he was the real deal, I decided to make a follow up post.

Despite my admittedly rude and just simply not-so-nice comments, Kevin was extremely cordial and polite with his rebuttal, and provided a link to one of the sources that led him to make his original statement on Chris Hayes' program. Turns out Kevin's one of the types of conservatives I hate the most: the kind that  show a great deal of tact. Because now I feel like a massive jerk for how I responded. And that's not cool.

So let me just say, Kevin, if you're reading this, I'd like to apologize for not acting in the most tasteful manner. You seem like a stand up guy, so I'm gonna go amend my previous post to be far less douchey. I do appreciate you responding, and for slightly boosting my ego as well! I imagine most other conservative writers wouldn't have reacted in the same way. Like Noel Sheppard. Now THAT dude is definitely a dick.

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