Saturday, October 27, 2012

Memo To The Media: In Case You Thought Tea Bagger Richard Mourdock "Misspoke" About His Rape Comments Earlier This Week

So I turned on the teevee to watch tonight's episode of Rachel Maddow, and saw something that I hadn't heard at all today (not saying it wasn't reported, but if it was, I was unaware). Tea bagger superstar, Richard Mourdock was (unfairly in his opinion) taking a beating from the pretty much every non-tea bagger in the country cause of his little rape comments earlier in the week, and decided he needed to do some damage control. Of course, he damage controlled in a way that only a tea bagger could:

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For those of you who can't watch the video cause MSNBC's players can be quite stupid occasionally, Mourdock was asked by the interviewer if he would support a bill that would force a woman who has been impregnated by rape to have that baby, and his answer was essentially "DUH". But what was even more noteworthy was what Mourdock said in the followup:

Interviewer: What if it were a thirteen year old girl who was raped and impregnated? Would you vote to make sure that those situations would make the girl have that baby?

Mourdock: You know, you can start throwing all kinds of hypotheticals out there, I've made my statement.

As Rachel said in the video: wow.

Now, there's two ways that line can be read. The first is that Mourdock simply doesn't think that thirteen year old girls would get impregnated by rape, which given the history of the current Republican Party, wouldn't be surprising.

Or you can read that as saying Mourdock does believe that thirteen year olds can get pregnant from rape, but just doesn't care. Something that is also, given the history of the current Republican Party, not surprising.

Either way, Mourdock is a fucking scumbag, as are his Republican enablers (looking at you, Mittens).


  1. Mourdock is a complete shitbag. Good fucking grief I hope he loses, but goddamn if this country hasn't elected enough rape-friendly Republicans to chip away all hope I have that Donnelly wil beat him.

  2. Shameful, but sadly attitudes like this seem to be getting more and more common in the republican party and the anti-choice movement. Feels like we are being dragged back into the 12th century by these people.