Monday, October 22, 2012

Ralph Reed Waxes Idiotic About Reagan

On Sunday, evangelical wing nut, Ralph Reed was invited to join the panel on This Week. The subject of the upcoming foreign policy debate came up, and Reed talked about how Romney would incorporate talk about the economy in his defense:

And we know, from Ronald Reagan winning the Cold War without firing a shot with partners like Pope John Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher and Cole and others, what made that possible was a strong U.S. economy. The creation of 23 million jobs, the creation of $16 trillion in assets in the private sector is what enabled us to fund the defend build up and put the Soviets on their back heels.

 Oh, how I never tire of right wingers perpetually fellating the great Ronald Reagan. Or more accurately, the image of Reagan the righties have crafted over the decades. I don't want to get into a long detailed post about all the things wrong with what Reed said, so here are the cliff notes:

-Reagan didn't create 23 million jobs, it was more like 16 million (He was only off by roughly 50%).
-Reagan didn't fund the military buildup with the $16 trillion in assets from the private sector. At least, not all of it, since if that was the case, he wouldn't have had to run up massive deficits.
-Reagan did not "win" the Cold War by himself. There were quite a few other factors involved that led to its end.
-Already mentioned, but just cause it's so fun, REAGAN TRIPLED THE DEBT. Meanwhile the Kenyan socialist has only increased it by 50%.

Oh, and let's not forget these little tidbits too, since we'll be hearing a lot about the Middle East, and no doubt wondering WWRD?

-Since the subject of Iran is so important, it's probably worth mentioning this teeny, tiny little detail: Reagan happened to sell arms to a certain little, currently unpopular country in the Middle East.
-Despite what some may claim, Reagan didn't scare bad guys enough that they never attacked our Embassies.
-And what did the toughest president who ever lived do after such an attack against Amurka? Unlike our appeaser-in-chief, who no doubt wants to cut and run from Libya, Reagan did the exact opposite by cutting and running, of course.

Seriously guys, stop talking about Reagan before some random right winger realizes that he wasn't as awesome as how he appeared in the Bible.

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