Monday, October 15, 2012

Republican Dumbassery Makes Bill Nye Sad

As it should. As well as anyone else who accepts things like chemotherapy being better for cancer patients, than say, excorcisms.

On one of MSNBC's lesser known weekend shows, the host invited the great Bill Nye (the Science Guy) to talk about two particular mouth breathers in congress that had made the news recently:

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One of these dipshits is already fairly well known, and that's Rep. Todd Akin, who you may recall is the same genius who basically claimed that women had a magical ability to produce spermacide if they were ever sexually assaulted, thus making sure it's impossible to ever get pregnant via rape.

Obviously feeling that the rest of the world was thoroughly impressed with his keen grasp of human biology, he felt the need to offer more brilliant insight. This past week he claimed that evolution wasn't even a matter of science as far as he was concerned. Clearly something like evolution has nothing to do with science, as opposed to say, oh I don't know, the Old Testament, which they use in all the best medical schools.

Apparently feeling jealous that Akin was currently the coolest kid on the short bus, another congressman, Rep. Paul Broun, decided he wanted a piece of the action as well. He one upped Akin by claiming that not only is evolution not science, but also the work of the devil himself. (Wait, I thought that's what science itself already was?)

Bill Nye felt that due to these two lawmaker's unabashed idiocy, he as an educator has failed.

No, Bill. You haven't. These aren't ordinary dimwits you're dealing with. These are PROFESSIONAL morons. To reach the level of ignorance that these folks have reached is no easy task. Idiocy like this takes skill. Don't beat yourself up. Instead, continue what you're doing (and this goes for everyone else who doesn't think that someone like Erastosthenes should be burned at the stake for blasphemous views) and go on and inform the American people of the utterly terrifying flat-earthers sitting in the highest offices in our government.

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