Monday, October 22, 2012

The Donald Sez Killing Bin Laden Was No Biggie

Top Romney surrogate, Donald "The Donald" Trump graced the set of Fox and Friends with the sound of his voice this morning. During a discussion of tonight's upcoming, and final presidential debate on foreign policy, The Donald decided to opinionate on Obama's record on the subject:

There's quite a few noteworthy things about this clip. First is the fact that he says that Obama has the worst foreign policy track record in HISTORY. EVER. Really, Donald? I mean, Obama's not without his criticisms but worst ever?

Second, one of the reasons he cites for Obama being so terrible is cause of Iraq. Apparently Obama spent $1.5 trillion there, and cost us countless lives. I guess that makes sense, and he should be held responsible for going in there in the first place.

Third, and this was probably the most noteworthy comment, Trump dismisses the notion that killing Osama Bin Laden was in any way a big deal whatsoever. He said Obama didn't deserve any credit because he simply gave the order to kill Bin Laden, but the actual killing was done by the military. Really now? So does that mean Truman didn't bomb Japan, or Bush Jr. caught Saddam, or dare I say, Reagan didn't win the Cold War? Furthermore, if a president doesn't get credit for good things happening, does he also not get the blame for any bad things happening? Like say, that whole Bhengazi thing?

Then he followed that by saying Brian Kilmeade had as much to do with killing Bin Laden as Obama did.
A point which, in fairness is completely inarguable.

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