Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glenn Beck: "Man, sometimes God really sucks" (Direct Quote)

Poor, poor Glenn:

During his radio show the next morning, Beck told listeners that he had realized Romney was going to lose while praying before the polls opened on Tuesday.

“Man, sometimes God really sucks,” the radio host lamented. “I got up yesterday at 3:00 in the morning and I knew. And I couldn’t sleep and I started to say my prayers and I got up and kneeled down by the edge of my bed and I knew that — or I suspected that my mind’s not God’s mind, and the peace and the comfort that he had given me and so many of my friends was not about an election.”

"God's only cool when he supports Republicans! Why does he like those stupid Democrats so much when they don't even believe in him and respect him like I do?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

By the way, if Obama's was re-elected because it was God's will, does this mean that the muslims got this one right?

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