Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welp, Don't Think The Bubble's Gonna Be Popping Any Time Soon

I figured after Obama got re-elected, the righties would drop the Bhengazi-gate stuff. Not cause they would have realized they were beating a dead horse, but because they would have found some new shiny faux-scandal to exploit. Alas, seems Bhengazi-gate is here to stay for at least a little while longer:

The she-demon in the above video conversing with Sean Hannity is of course, the great Michelle Malkin, who referred to the Obama admin as (no joke) "politically correct" and (seriously, not joking) "jihadi coddling".


Okay, two things. First, there are times when I feel Obama does himself a disservice when he brags about killing Bin Laden. But, then you have shrieking harpies like Michelle Malkin who criticize Obama the way they do, my criticism suddenly dissipates. Furthermore it just makes me wish Obama would show up to all his press conferences from now until the end of his term wearing an "I killed Osama Bin Laden" t-shirt. Maybe even sport a cowboy hat.

Second, let me be clear. What happened in Bhengazi was a serious matter, and there should be an investigation as to exactly what happened. But let's not kid ourselves. Malkin appears very animated and visibly angry in the video, but the primary motive involved in this entire ordeal is to attack Obama, and nullify the foreign policy cred he's built up so far.

Also, what are these morons hoping to find, exactly? That Obama was sitting inside the war room (or wherever the hell) seeing the carnage go down in real time, being urged to send in assistance, while laughing evilly while smoking a cigar? Is this a meme in right wing circles where Obama enjoys seeing his underlings die or something?

I guess what I'm saying is fuck Michelle Malkin.

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