Monday, December 10, 2012

Alcohol Lobbyist Doesn't Seem To Understand What Marijuana Legalization Actually Does

Cenk Uygur had on his show the other day a lady named Sandra Hagin Solin, a member of a pro-business organization called Colorado Concern. Colorado, if you'll recall, was one of a handful of states that voted to legalize marijuana this year. Solin, and Colorado Concern aren't too happy with that, and she attempted to explain why (skip to 6:44):

Unfortunately, Solin didn't do a particular good job with her explanation. First she starts off by saying that having a constitutional right to smoke weed would cause problems in the work place. Cenk was noticeably confused and asked her to clarify, seeing as how we have a right to drink alcohol, but that doesn't mean we can do it at work. Furthermore, nothing in the law prevents an employer from firing any employee that smokes marijuana at work or comes to work impaired. Solin herself concedes Cenk's point but insists that this new law creates a "gray area" where the employer could be sued for wrongful termination.

Cenk ended the interview by asking her the real reason for why she and Colorado Concern were objecting to the new law, to which Solin insisted that her intentions were pure and also pointed out how long term marjijuana use causes diminishing of cognitive abilities and therefore lowers productivity.

Well, I'm convinced.

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