Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why Am I Not Surprised By This?

So last week I wrote about a very amusing infographic I saw from the Wall Street Journal.  Well, turns out that commenter, Foo Bar, tracked down the artist's blog. The artist, Tim Foley was questioned about the graphic, and his answer was very interesting, to say the least:

As usual with these assignments, I'm given a bare outline of what is needed (ie: single mom with two kids, retired couple, etc) and little, if any of the actual copy that will accompany them... and when I eventually saw the article, my jaw dropped at the salaries assigned to each of these people. They obviously didn't base them on illustrator's salaries.

Well there you have it, people. Seems Mr. Foley had no idea what would actually be attached to his drawing. All this time everyone was mistakenly thinking the artist was an out of touch asshat, when in fact, it was just the WSJ editors.

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