Friday, January 25, 2013

Wingnuts Make The Lamest Videos

So I was browsing professional skivvies soiler, Glenn Beck's website, The Blaze (cause I had nothing better to do and also cause I'm VERY self loathing) and I came across this piece:

In 2011, there was a set of commercials that made their way around the internet by gun-maker Glock and featuring popular Marine drill sergeant Lee Ermey, aka “Gunny.”  Pro-gun people loved them, as they make the case for those who are passionate about the Second Amendment in a slightly-funny, common-sense way.

And now the manufacturer is back with a new one that’s sure to grab attention.

The ads all are a play off the idea of robbers picking the wrong business, house, or person.

Here's a few examples of the videos they've produced:


Needless to say The Blaze, their folks in their comments section, and pro-gun advocates in general absolutely love these videos.

My biggest complaint with these videos don't even deal with the political message, but rather just how utterly awful the acting is. Though I suppose that's what you get when you hire Stephen Baldwin as a consultant.

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