Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bill O'Reilly: Obama May Start Killing People Over Taxes

On Tuesday's episode of The Factor, Bill O'Reilly had a segment where he expressed his strong dislike for the budget released by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and their proposed 49% tax on the top earners. The "discussion" took an interesting turn towards the end (skip to 5:57) :

O'Reilly: Now, I'm researching Killing Jesus (note: This is O'Reilly's newest, upcoming book), do you know why Jesus was killed by the Romans?

Fox News Contributor, Marc Lamont-Hill declined to answer, fearing backlash from right-wing viewers, so O'Reilly goes on:

O'Reilly: It was about taxes.

Lamont-Hill: Of course it was about taxes! It was about unregulated capitalism!

O'Reilly: It's unbelievable the correlation between what was happening in Galilee and what the Romans were doing to the Jews back when Jesus was walking around and what's happening now. I'm just gonna give you a heads up that this has been coming and taxation was so onerous on the folks, for a totally different reason, I'll concede. The Romans were venal, they wanted all this money to build their temples and to live in a crazy life style. But it was philosophically the same kind of government intrusion that we the people of America have no right to private property.

I see. So in this analogy, Bill O' would in fact be...Jesus? Or "the folks", I guess. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the 1% in Galilee weren't the ones being oppressed.

I particularly like how O'Reilly admits that when the Romans taxed the people, they weren't doing so to fund things like Pilatecare, and spent the money on things that didn't benefit the public, but still finds it completely okay to continue with the comparison. I mean, aside from the major differences, the two situations are exactly alike.

Though in fairness, Obama does hate the Jews.

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