Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Shouldn't Be Surprised By This, But Still...

You ever wonder how awesome it would be if there was a book that tried to explain right wing macroeconomic theory to five year olds? Oh, you never wondered that? At all? Well, someone decided to do that anyway.

Some nice lady named Lucile McConnell, published a book entitled Mr. Penny And The Dragon of Domeville. Basically it's about an anthropomorphic penny's mission to stop an evil dragon that's supposed to be the personification of runaway government spending.

The book’s hero, Mr. Penny, is introduced as “quite an individual and not a follower.”

“Once upon a penny, in the Land of Us, in the little town of Meville, lived a little penny. In fact, a whole lot of little pennies were scattered all over the Land of Us, but our story is about one particular penny: Mr. Penny.
He was a singular fellow, quite an individual and not a follower of the crowd.”

The antagonist, a dragon designed to represent a bloated federal government, won’t stop growing and loves to eat currency.

“In fact, he developed a taste for charred bills … dollar bills. Within no time, the dragon had devoured $15 Trillion and was always looking around for more to consume.”

Eventually, Mr. Penny scores a one-on-one with the dragon and does his level best to convince the dragon just how reckless federal waste can be.

Eat your heart out, The Berenstein Bears.

This is how the author describes herself on the book's website that she created back in 1995:

Lucile McConnell is a tax/commercial transactions attorney admitted to practice in Washington, DC and New York. She graduated Cum Laude from Cornell Law School in 1987 and with Honors in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1983. She founded the non-for-profit organization The Fund to End the Deficit in 1993 and rallied citizens, under Public Law 87-58 (P.L. 87-58), to make voluntary contributions to retire America's National Debt through 1999. These voluntary citizen contributions, including contributions from such events as Rock the Debt, Wine Down the Debt and Dance the Debt Away, amounted to an all time high in voluntary citizen contributions to Debt retirement during the 90's and played a part in generating the budget surplus that was recorded in 1999. 
 Damn, this lady sure cares a lot about debt!

Gotta hand it to the tea baggers. Only they could create a book that even pre-schoolers would find insulting to their intelligence.

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