Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Komics KKKorner (03/06/13)

Damn, it's been a good while since I did one of these. Saw this gem, from right-wing "comic", Michael Ramirez, posted on one of the message boards I frequent (yes, I realize it's from last year, but I just had to comment on this):

So the comic is obviously referencing the novel, Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes. The "joke" seems to be that Ramirez is mocking Obama for being as deluded about green technology/jobs as Don Quixote was when he thought the windmills he encountered in the novel were monsters .

Now, that's what Ramirez is trying to get at. Unfortunately, the way he set up the comic manages to mangle the metaphor beyond belief. First of all, Don Quixote thought he was fighting giants, not dragons. Second of all, Don Quixote was (mistakenly) attacking the windmills, which means that Obama should be attacking the windmills, which according to the labels, are supposed to represent a "green economy".  But...why would he be attacking a green economy if it's something he supports?! Furthermore, the stupid speech bubble indicates that Obama thinks he's fighting a dragon, which he thinks is the solution to all their problems? Wha? Also, in the novel, the windmill won.

Criminy, no one fucks up a metaphor quite like Michael Ramirez.

Update - Okay, real quickly one more:

Yes, no animal's more famous when it comes to self preservation than the dodo.

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