Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh, Noel...

It seems my man, Noel Sheppard (of Newsbusters) is in quite a good mood today. See, he finally got a chance to catch this Volkswagon commercial (that's been airing for weeks):

And why exactly is my man, Noel Shepard, positively giddy about this? Because one of guys in the commercial happens to use a phrase that was popularized by a certain half-term, half-wit governor.

Noel, apparently could not contain himself:

The idea of the term "lamestream media" becoming common in American parlance is just exquisitely delicious.

In fact, a new commercial by Volkswagen will definitely put a smile on a lot of conservatives' faces including former Alaska governor Sarah Palin
I'm sure it will. 

As the commercial began, a man dressed in workout clothes carrying a newspaper walked up to his neighbor seated in a black Passat in his driveway.

“Good morning, Brian,” he said. After the window went down on the driver’s side, he continued, “Love your Passat.”

“Um, listen, Gary,” Brian replied. “I bought the last one.”

“Nice try,” Gary said pointing at his newspaper. “It says right here you can get one for 199 a month.”

“You can’t believe the lamestream media, Gary,” deliciously said Brian. “They’re all gone.”



Noel seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that the African American fellow in the commercial was using the term "lamestream media" in a mocking fashion, and is not, in fact, supposed to be an avid Fox News viewer.

Look, I honestly don't think this particular commercial is overtly political in either direction, but if there there was any political intent here, it wasn't to make Palin look cool.

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