Monday, March 11, 2013

Republican Legislator Rails Against Medicaid....Oh Hell, You Know the Punchline...

During his inaugural speech last week, Will Weatherford, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, spoke a bit about why he opposes expanding medicaid in his state, an initiative supported even by Florida's teabagger governor, Rick Scott (medicaid talk starts at 10:26):

He talks about how when he was growing up, due to his little brother's cancer treatment, his family was crushed under the weight of medical bills. Fortunately for Weatherford's family, they were able to pay off those bills thanks to a "safety net". But there was one little problem:

"Peter lost his battle with cancer, and my father found himself with a mountain of medical bills that he could never afford to pay," Weatherford told lawmakers on the floor of the House of Representatives. "It was the safety net that picked my father up. It was the safety net that picked my family up."
He left out one detail: the name of the safety net.

According to his father, it was Medicaid.

The federal-state health care program for the poor covered more than $100,000 in Peter's medical costs, Weatherford's father told the Times/Herald.
This was a tad embarrassing for Weatherford because during his speech he said the following:

"A government that grows too big, becomes too intrusive, and fosters too much dependency will threaten our liberty, our freedom and our prosperity," Weatherford said. "Members — I am opposed to Medicaid expansion because I believe it crosses the line of the proper role of government."

Of course, I'm sure in Will's mind, this characterization of "dependency" and such doesn't apply to him and his family. Sure, they sucked on the federal teat to take care of their medical bills, but that counts as bootstrappin' in Republican land (provided of course, you're a Republican).

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