Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Does Bill O'Reilly Hate His Audience?

Bill O'Reilly does not like his audience. On the contrary, the man holds an immense amount of contempt for these people. Why do I say that? Because only someone who despises his followers would would say something like this (click to embiggen):

....and this:

Good gravy. Sorry Stephen Colbert. You might be pretty damn good at what you do, but like with many things, the original's always best.

While O'Reilly is no stranger to lying, the aforementioned lies are unique for their sheer brazenness. O'Reilly no doubt expects his mouth breathing audience to take him at his word while simultaneously expecting them to completely ignore the fact that this is being said by, well... O'Reilly.

Let us remember that this is the same Bill O'Reilly who has spent pretty much every day of his Fox News tenure whining endlessly about how he pays so much in taxes, which Democrats like Obama then use to pay off the negroes and the illegals. The same Bill O'Reilly who said that if Obama raised his taxes to the point that his effective rate would be 50%, thereby allowing Bill to "only" make $10,000,000 per year, he would quit his job?

Not to mention we're also talking about a guy who never misses an opportunity to talk about how his show is the number one cable news show in the country, and therefore, the most truthful and accurate. Someone who thinks of himself as the "second most powerful man in America"? You're telling me that this guy doesn't care about accumulating fame?!

You know, it's one thing for O'Reilly not to have any respect for the left, but at least that could be justified. After all, liberals and Democrats are supposed to be his enemies, so it would make sense that Bill O' doesn't care what they think. But you you would think he would have a tad more respect for the critical thinking capabilities of his idiot fan base, at the very least. 

Anyway, to finish up, here's one more gem:

Indeed. Whether it be from federal spending, illegals, taxes, scientists, Obamacare, contraception junkies, the new season of Glee, you can be sure Bill O' will be there to warn you, the American people, about it. Truly a modern day Paul Revere. Except far more heroic.

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