Friday, April 5, 2013

Reince Priebus Honors Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Assasination In A Very Reince Priebus Way

I know I already did a post on Reince Priebus not too long ago, but I thought this was worth double dipping.

Priebus commemorated the death of Martin Luther King with a post under the title of "Black Republicans" praising all that he stood for. For the most part it's the usual type of lip service to civil rights leaders that we hear from conservatives, but this part in particular stood out to me:

But the truest testament to his influence is not etched in stone. No, the real measure of his work is that America is today a better place thanks to him. Segregation is but a memory. Discrimination is outlawed. Racism is recognized as the evil that it is.
Oh yeah, we're definitely living in a racial utopia, no doubt. I mean, we elected a black president, after all! What more proof do you need? Did I mention he was black?

I'd like to take a moment to bring to the Chairman's attention that we're living in the year 2013 and we have high school proms that are are yet to be integrated. Tennessee lawmakers decided to back off an idea to pursue school vouchers once they realized they wouldn't be able to discriminate against muslims. And if racism is recognized as evil, someone clearly didn't inform a few CPAC attendees who happened to be white supremacists (who by the way, weren't nearly as unpopular as one would think they would be, if the reactions of he other CPAC attendees were anything to go by).

Sorry, Reince. But there's still a lot of work to be done before everything's all sunshine and rainbows. To give you a better idea of how much of an uphill battle we still have, here are 18 more more extremely offensive examples of bigotry:

1. Mississippi Ratifies 13th Amendment 148 years after slavery was abolished (and not a moment too soon!)
2. Montana Tea Partier posts racist "Obama Bait" photo on Facebook
3. Republican lawmaker calls Obama a "tar baby"
4. Republican George Allen's "macaca" moment
5. Republican governor Haley Barbour honoring the confederate flag
6. Republican governor Bob McDonnell honoring the confederate flag
7. Republican governor Mike Huckabee honoring the confederate flag (I think I'm seeing a pattern here)
8. As recently as April, 2011, 46% of Republicans in Mississippi oppose the idea of interracial marriage
9. Republican federal judge resigns after sending racist Obama e-mail
10. Orange County Tea Partier sends e-mail of Obama depicted as a monkey
11. Repubican senate candidate's son suggest sending Obama "back to Kenya"
12. Racist Anti-Obama slogans higher in 2012 election than in 2008
13. Man "lynches" empty chair (guess who was supposed to represent the chair?)
14. Romney supporter wears "Put the White back in the White House" shirt
15. Republicans throw nuts at Black CNN camerawoman
16. More racist bumper stickers
17. Media Research Center low life, Brent Bozell calls Obama a "skinny, ghetto crackhead".
18. Failed Tea Party candidate calls for assassination of Obama and his daughters

Yeah. Did I mention that a good chunk of those happened within the past year?

By the way, did I mention that on that MLK commemoration page, there's no picture of MLK at all? Though there's lots of Reince:

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