Monday, April 15, 2013

RNC Committeeman: We Don't Plan On Ever Supporting Gay Marriage

On Friday's episode of Hardball, Chris Matthews invited RNC committeeman, Robin Armstrong to discuss the recent resolution by the RNC to double down on their stance on gay marriage. Matthews asked Armstrong if the Republican Party would ever support gay marriage, here's how that exchange went (starts at 2;24):

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Armstrong: All we're saying is that, listen, we affirm that marriage is between one man and one woman. We believe that, we're not gonna compromise that value, that is what we believe. But-
Matthews: Ever? You're never gonna compromise? No, let me get this straight. Doctor, you say you're  never going, I want to get your phrasing here. Are you, ever, ever going to be open to the door of changing that position or is it permanent with your party ?

Armstrong: I am saying right now, that-

Matthews: Right now.

Armstrong: We are not going to compromise-

 Matthews: Right now.

Armstrong: We're not going to compromise that value and we do not plan on compromising that value in the future.

Matthews:  Ever? 

Armstrong: Ever.

Armstrong then went on to try and console any gay Republicans out there by saying that the Republican Party would still happily welcome their votes (Seriously. Minutes earlier he said that such a thing demonstrates that the Republicans are the "tolerant" party).

Matthews also invited Gregory Angelo, a member of the Log Cabin Republicans (aka, the political equivalent of Chickens For Colonel Sanders, to quote Markos Moulitsas), who didn't seem bothered by RNC's resolution enough to change parties. Now there's a guy who presumably really loves his tax cuts.

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