Monday, April 15, 2013

Sean Hannity Inadvertently Refutes Right Wing Meme About High Taxes

Sean Hannity prepared himself a nice helping of righteous indignation the other day when Pres. Obama and VP Biden released their tax returns.

See, Sean was upset that despite all of Obama's typical class warrior talk about having the rich pay more in taxes, he himself paid only a measly 18.4% (as did Biden), once again proving that he's the worst socialist ever. The segment was about what you would expect from Hannity, but he did say something that I thought would be worth highlighting:

"I'm telling you [Tucker Carlson] I am paying state, local, federal taxes, I pay 60 cents of every dollar I make!"
Let us ignore for a second that Hannity's comparing the taxes Obama paid federally, to the amount Sean Hannity claims he's paying when combining federal, state and local taxes. Let's also, for the sake of this discussion, give Hannity the benefit of the doubt and assume his statement is factual (he does live in the liberal cesspool of NYC, NY. so he might not be too far off).  Having the government confiscate 60% of one's income does sound pretty painful. Heck, I think even a good chunk of liberals may think that's a bit much.

But my main issue with what Hannity's claim is that it seems to conflict with the right wing meme that taxing the successful, no matter how little, will cause said successful folk to either flee to lower tax havens where their Galtian talents would be properly appreciated, or cease working entirely because after a certain point, it wouldn't be worth the effort. Clearly, Hannity doesn't seem to mind residing in one of the highest taxes cities, in one of the highest taxed states in the country. Nor does he seem to think that taxes are too onerous to stop working entirely either.

But why? Well, let's take a quick look at Hannity's annual income, which seems to be $30 million ($10 million from Fox, and $20 million for his radio show), which would make his after tax income $14 million.  It's quite possible that despite rhetoric from the right (including Hannity), he feels that making $14 million is still somewhat more preferable than making zero dollars.

Imagine that.


  1. Replies
    1. Says the windowlicking mongoloid without an argument.

    2. "Mongoloid"

      I haven't heard that term used for YEARS.

    3. The point is that Mr. Hannedy doesn't seem to want to put his money where his mouth is, instead insisting that taxation will cause other people to flee the country or stop working, where it has not for him.

      It's always a mysterious "other people" that are the ones taking action, somehow, and never the person stating the opposition to any given measure.

  2. As any idiot can tell you, people -- especially people who exist only for money -- will take the best deal they can get. What is he going to do? Go to Japan and do a radio show? Go to Somalia and work in TV?

    That whole meme is laughable.