Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pat Boone Compares Republicans And Democrats To His Parents

It turns out that singing legend, Pat Boone, has not been the biggest fan of Chairman ObaMAO and his commie buddies in the Democrat party, and has made his disdain clear, many times. Recently, however, he decided to make a slightly more tactful attempt at criticism in article entitled "We'd All Better Become Conservative".

In the piece, Boone writes that he doesn't think Democrats are bad people, but rather good people who just happen to be really misguided. To make the point, he compares our two major political parties with his parents:

I’ve often thought of the Republican and Democrat parties in comparison to Daddy and Mama. Mama was unfailingly generous, always preparing big meals and letting us kids know we could bring our friends home for dinner, without even calling home for permission. She took in stray animals (and a few stray people) and sometimes asked Daddy if we could help some neighbor near us who was in need. And I would hear Daddy respond, “Margaret, I’m having trouble paying our own bills. If we keep trying to help everybody else, we’ll have to find somebody to help us!”

In my analogy, Mama was the “Democrat” and Daddy the “Republican.” Both are good hearted, caring people, but one was generous to a fault and  the other was trying to preserve the structure and live within our means, so we could survive as a family!

Lots of goodies to dissect here:

1) Is it just me, or do conservatives come off as even bigger assholes when they pretend to be nice?

2) Love the comparison of poor people to stray animals. Seems to be a popular comparison among conservatives.

3) Notice how the kids in the family are supposed to represent the American people. What would that make the poor people who Mother Boone keeps trying to help? Following this metaphor, it would seem that poor people are therefore not even considered part of the American "family".

4) Why do right-wingers continue to peddle this idiotic "living within our means" crap? (Rhetorical)

The last two most famous Republican presidents were prime examples of profligacy. Bush Jr. doubled the national debt, and the prophet Reagan (PBUH) tripled it. The last Republican president who come anywhere near displaying any belt tightening was Eisenhower. Though I really doubt Mr. Boone would want Eisenhower's brand of fiscal conservatism.

5) The comparison to his father would have been more apt if Papa Boone happened to an abusive alcoholic who uses a good chunk of the family's life savings in order to buy an expensive boat that turns out isn't seaworthy, while losing the rest in a poker game, and then tries to blame the current financial situation on the children for eating too much.

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