Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Peggy Noonan Thinks IRS-gate Is Worse Than Iran-Contra

On Friday, an increasingly senile Peggy Noonan penned an op-ed on the Wall Street Journal, reminding everyone that the IRS scandal that occurred on Obama's watch was the worst thing ever done by any administration. Ever.

Today, Nooners was invited to the set of Meet the Press, where I figured she would tone it down a bit since the ambiance would be slightly less friendly than the editorial pages of the WSJ. Seems I was mistaken. Noonan actually doubled down on the batshit. After reading a passage from her piece, David Gregory surprisingly brought down the hammer:

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Gregory: I have to say, Peggy. What you don't talk about here is an administration for a man you worked for, who led the Iran-Contra scandal where they ran a secret war and lied to congress and all the rest - overstatement here?

Noonan: I don't think so. I think this is what is going on right now is all three of these scandals makes a cluster that implies some very bad things about the forthcomingness of the administration, and about it's ability to, at certain dramatic points, do the right thing. And I gotta tell you, the - everyone can argue which of these things is most upsetting. But this IRS thing is something I've never seen in my lifetime.

 Oh boy.

All right, let us review what happened with IRS-gate:

-Due to the flood of right wing 501 (c)(4) groups popping up during the 2012 election, some bureaucrats at the IRS thought an efficient way to sort them would be to target keywords like "Tea Party" and "Patriot" in their names.
-However, they did not provide the same type of scrutiny for left wing groups, which hurts the IRS's reputation for being nonpartisan.
-Yet, despite what they did, the IRS did not revoke the tax-exempt status of ANY Tea Party group. In fact, one of the groups that did have it revoked were associated with Democrats.

Got that? This definitely was a bad thing, and needs to be addressed to make sure it doesn't happen again, but nothing more sinister beyond that. Now, let us review what happened with that little Iran-Contra thing:

-Weapons were sold to state sponsor of terrorism, Iran (you may have heard of the place) while there was an arms embargo at the time.
-This was done so that Reagan could free seven hostages held by Iranian terrorists in Lebanon (pro tip: negotiating with terrorists, as with many otherwise bad things, IOKIYAR).
-Profits from the sales were then diverted to fund the anti-communist, right-wing Contras in Nicaragua, which by the way, was also illegal.

Seriously, Peggy? You wanna argue IRS-gate was a bigger deal than this?

This is one of the really annoying things about the current political climate. As time goes on, the line between average conservative chain e-mail forwarder, and "respectable conservative commentator" gets blurrier by the day. Noonan is basically Michelle Bachmann on valium at this point.



  2. I think it should be the other way around as the republicans are turning over every stone and see if it hold some evil dirty little thing A LA NIXON, it will not work though as hard as they may try. It just keeps them from doing there job.