Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rush Limbaugh's Fascinating Theory On The Boston Bombers' Political Affiliation

It seems as time goes on, Rush Limbaugh delves deeper and deeper into conspiracy theory territory. Recently, on his radio show, he let out a doozy: the Boston bombers were (of course) Democrats.

Now, Rush associating anyone committing nearly any heinous crime with Democrats is nothing new. But what caught my attention was his utterly bizarre (even for Rush) rationale for why they were Democrats.

In the beginning of the video, Rush laments the fact that "all these people in the media" are apparently saying that the Boston bombers were driven to do what they did because of Bush's foreign policy. However, these same folks ignore the fact that Obama killed Bin Laden, who, in Rush's own words, was the "head honcho" of Islamic terrorism. Surely such an act would infuriate these people far more than anything Bush did in Iraq, Rush concludes.

So Rush is saying that the same people who attacked one of the most Demoratic cities, in one of the most Democratic states, cause a Democratic President killed the head of terrorist organization they really admire, are clearly, blatantly, and obviously Democrats themselves!

Well, on the plus side, at least he gave credit to Obama on something positive for once.


  1. 'cause' should be 'because'

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