Monday, June 10, 2013

Looks Like The Unskewed Polls Mentality Is Here To Stay

And here I thought Republicans actually learned* something from that whole 2012 Election thing:

A Republican pollster is claiming that the US Senate race in Massachusetts is tied. McLaughlin & Associates reports that Rep. Ed Markey (D) and Gabriel Gomez (R) are within 1% of each other, a statistical tie. The firm brags that Gomez has “stolen the momentum” in the race.

Other, more independent pollsters including New England College and Emerson College have reported recent polls showing Markey with a 12% lead over the pro-gun Republican.

The poll is being promoted by conservative websites like The Weekly Standard and The Drudge Report.
Back in 2012, McLaughlin & Associates also provided hope to Republicans. Their polls claimed that Mitt Romney had a 3% lead in Florida, where President Obama eventually won by 0.9%. They claimed Romney was ahead by 4% in Colorado, Obama won by almost 5%. In the battleground state of Virginia, McLaughlin & Associates insisted that Romney had a 7% lead, but Obama won Virginia with a comfortable 3% margin.

In October of 2012, McLaughlin & Associates embraced the conspiracy theory that polls had been skewed in order to favor the Democratic party. Jim McLaughlin, partner and namesake of the firm, released a memo that insisted, “the voter samples that the media pollsters will call are already stacked to favor Democrats over Republicans.”

Dunno about the rest of you, but I for one have ZERO problems with Republicans continuing to believe they're winning the polls, even if they're not. It'll make the reactions to eventual election day results all the more entertaining.


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