Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama Is the Worst Socialist Ever: Part 87

To continue my ongoing series, Obama is the Worst Socialist Ever, we have a new entry from Newsbusters columnist, Tom Blumer.  Mr. Blumer cited a report from the AP (a media outlet that's, as  Blumer consistently points out, is one of the Obama Admin's most loyal underlings...whose phone records were seized by his justice department) that shows just how much of an evil socialist Obama really is:

On Sunday, in a report which I contend would surely have been published on a weekday -- and more importantly, published with far greater clarity -- if a Republican or conservative were in the White House, the Associated Press's Paul Wiseman essentially explored the following question: "Why aren't people spending more if they're so much richer?"

The answer he found, which should surprise no one in touch with reality, is that quite a few of us aren't richer. We're poorer. But Wiseman also cryptically revealed some of the dollar amounts involved and enough other information to enable one to back into an estimate of the shocking degree of wealth redistribution which has taken place during the recession and the first term of the Obama administration -- and it's not in the direction you might think.


Barack Obama said he wanted to "spread the wealth around" to Joe the Plumber in 2008. He just worked to spread it to the top half of households. Meanwhile, largely because of housing policies which have kept values low and the new-home market in the doldrums, the bottom half has seriously suffered. This is of course not only the opposite of what his supporters expected, but also the opposite of what his supporters believe has happened.

As some of you may know, this sort of thing happens from time to time. Certain conservatives seem to realize that advocating things like cutting food stamps for children in order to allow people like Donald Trump to buy more gold plated toilet seats, isn't really the most popular position to take (sad as it may seem). So some conservatives have decided that the obvious solution to this little problem is to try and express a little bit of empathy for the plight of the poor, while still advocating the aforementioned unpopular policy.

For the past five years, every right-wing outlet couldn't let ten seconds go by without complaining about Obama's animosity towards the most unfortunate among us: the people at the highest echelons of society. Ever since Obama first read A Communist Manifesto in college (which also was around the same time he started reading the Koran), he's dreamed of extracting every single penny from the nation's most productive people and redistributing it to the filthy masses. Oh, and probably kill them shortly afterwards too.

Ah, but wait! Here's Tom Blumer telling us that the the spiritual successor to Stalin, has in fact wound up redistributing wealth in the opposite direction of which he claimed he would! Has he no shame?! Why does he lack sympathy for the poor, HUH? Always going around and helping lining his rich buddies pockets instead of decapitating them and placing their heads on pikes on the White House lawn like he promised on the campaign!

Obama could, of course, solve this problem by enacting more tax cuts for the rich, but clearly he hates the poor too much to do so.

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