Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ralph Reed Has No Problem With States Forcing Women To Have Transvaginal Ultrasounds

So Teavangelical lowlife, Ralph Reed, graced the set of Meet The Press today to discuss, among other things, one of the most popular topics around the water cooler: abortion. He was joined by fellow Teavangelical, former senator Jim DeMint, and marriage destroyer extraordinaire, Rachel Maddow on the panel.

DeMint said that the anti-abortion bills he supports, such as those that mandate transvaginal ultrasounds are just fine and dandy with the womenfolk because he figures that they would want an "informed choice". Ms. Maddow kindly pointed out to the former senator that the words "mandate" and "choice" don't exactly get along. It was at this point that Reed stepped in to assist DeMint, and this exchange followed:

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Maddow: Do you think women should be forced to have an ultrasound if they don't want one?

Reed: I think that should be litigated at the state level.

Well, I suppose we should give Reed credit for being compassionate enough to allow doctors to jam some medical rod up a woman's vagina only at a state level.

Later on, during a discussion on gay marriage, Reed bragged that the recent SC decision will help mobilize Evangelicals as it did in 2012 on the local, state and federal level. Maddow once again was kind enough to point out that despite that, they lost every single one of those battles.

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