Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Conservative Author Says Unemployment Problem Can Be Solved By Having Unemployed People Start Their Own Businesses

Liberal radio host, Thom Hartmann invited a conservative author by the name of Daven Michaels on his show the other day. Michaels was there to plug his newly published, pro-outsourcing book, Outsource Smart: Be Your Own Boss....Without Letting Your Business Be The Boss of You.  Throughout the interview, Michaels said several questionable things, but the following exchange caused me to do a spit take:


Michaels: America is the most entrepreneurial place on the planet. It's time to start a business. More and more Americans are starting businesses everyday-

Hartmann: That's cause they're getting laid off by companies outsourcing their jobs!

Michaels: Well, you know what? That's great. So finally they're going to be in control of their own destiny by having their own business.

Hartmann: So...your solution to the American unemployment problem is to start your own business?

Michaels: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Hear that, all you jobless moochers? Your lack of employment is a blessing in disguise!

Does this mean Right-wingers will finally stop bitching about Obama not cleaning up the prior administration's mess fast enough, now that we've established being unemployed is a good thing after all?

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