Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tea Party Challenger To Mitch McConnell Criticized Him For Supporting Big Government, But Took $100,000 In Grants From The State of Connecticut To Rebuild His Business

So the Tea Folk in Kentucky came to the realization that senator Mitch McConnell - who, back in 2009, said that it was his goal to make Obama a "one term president" - was in fact, a secret Obama ally all along. As a result, a Kentucky businessman named Matt Bevin will be taking on McConnell in a Republican primary.

Republican vs. Teapublican battles are always entertaining, and this one proves to be no exception. McConnell's campaign lambasted Bevin as "An East coast con man" for accepting a $100,000 grant from the state of Connecticut to rebuild his family's bell manufacturing, which burned down following a lightning strike. Bevin responded to the attack with the following:

"If Mitch McConnell had ever run a business or worked in the private sector, he would recognize what a commendable thing Matt did: He took a nearly bankrupt company, turned it around, saved American jobs and kept a historic bell manufacturing company in America," Durand, the Louisville Tea Party President continued. "Sadly, Mitch McConnell is so out of touch, he doesn’t even understand that saving American jobs is a good thing."

Yes, once again, we have another freedom loving right-winger sucking on the government teat, while simultaneously criticizing others for succumbing to liberal ideology. Remember, it's not welfare if you're a Tea Partier.

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