Thursday, August 1, 2013

Irony Can Be A Cruel Mistress

From a diarist by the name of Semdem at Dailykos:

Erick Erickson calls Caleb Howe his “right-hand man”. He is currently in critical condition at a hospital in North Carolina: 
"A fund has been set up to help Caleb Howe’s family. Most of you know Caleb. For several years he was my right hand here at RedState. He has been badly missed. Right now, Caleb is in a hospital bed with a failing liver. His children, ages 11 and 14, are getting ready to go back to school. The family needs help." 
What he doesn’t mention, for obvious reasons, is that Caleb Howe has no insurance. You have to select the fund link to see that: \ 
"It would lift an incredible burden for Caleb & Donna if they could get even the smallest amount of help with these upcoming expenses. If you’re not in a position to give, your prayers are always welcome in lieu of a donation. Thank you for your compassion and help."
Let me start off by saying that while I think Caleb Howe's a massive dick, I hope he's able to pay off his bills and get better.

Having said that, several questions I'd like to raise:

-How does this dude NOT have health insurance? I don't know how the benefits structure works at RedState, but it's pretty clear health insurance isn't included. But even if it wasn't, shouldn't this dude have been able to buy it on his own? I figure he's not part of the vile moocher class, so it should have been no problem, right?

-I know Howe doesn't like Obamacare, but does he feel good about himself seeing as how he has to rely on begging others for assistance?

-If he does feel bad about this, does this mean he's going to reimburse everyone once he gets back to work?

-Has his boss, Erick Erickson, lost a good chunk of respect for him for relying on others to help him out instead of sucking it up and bootstrapping his way out this mess? Does this constitute a moral failing?

-Honestly, is this the type of personal responsibility you guys are always yammering on about?

-Do you think Howe feels particularly depressed that he had to get sick during the same week that his fellow conservatives launched their hip, new, "only fags buy health insurance" initiative? Talk about unfortunate timing.

-Finally, have you learned ANYTHING -anything at all- from this ordeal?

Looking forward to hearing the responses. Oh, and one last thing:

Just throwing that out there.


Mediaite's Tommy Christopher, who is a close personal friend of Howe's, mentions this:

Before he went into the hospital, Caleb called me, and he asked if I thought the ER would admit him even though he didn’t have insurance.

That such a question would be asked by someone who has ostensibly defended the so-called "best health care system in the world" should really put things in perspective.

Also, this was posted by one of Caleb's siblings in the comments section on that Redstate blog post:

 The "facts" of the article are incorrect anyway! Caleb hasn't been writing for over a year and he is unemployed! The fund was set up for his kids *my nieces, I am FURIOUS at the so called writer at KOS for number one having his facts COMPLETELY wrong and number 2 taking this as a political thing, it started as a fund for the kids to get school stuff. I am fuming! Thank you so much for posting this, I am so mad that I would not have been as kind. Side note: Caleb is unaware that this fund is even set up! Some people donating are saying that he has been reduced to begging, makes me so furious.

A few things:

1. So this fund wasn't him asking for help in paying his medical bills, but to ask people to help pay for his kids' schooling? Not sure if this is the best defense.

2. If people are donating money, they sure as hell are entitled to offer any political opinions to go along with it.

3. Not to be a dick, but while it may be true that Howe himself didn't set up this fund to pay for his health care, the fact is that he will most likely be accepting the money nonetheless. Sorry, you don't get to be a non-moocher just because someone else begs on your behalf, while still reaping the rewards.

Mind you, I'm not even saying that's a BAD thing. We all need help sometimes, after all. But imagine, just for a second, if the situations were reversed. What if Caleb was a liberal? Oh sure, I have no doubt that a good chunk of conservatives would help out, but anyone who thinks the comments section wouldn't be flooded with posts in the vein of "GET A DAMN JOB, HIPPY!" is kidding themselves.


  1. I feel bad that this dude has to face what he wants 40% of all Americans to deal with. He defended his corporate overlords, Now maybe they can bail him out.

    1. he has my prayers..... LOL.....LOL.....LOL.....LOL...

  2. Fuck him. Let him suffer the consequences of the policies he supports.

    1. I'm an RN working at a safety-net hospital. I usually feel badly for anyone in this spot but hypocrisy is something I can't stomach. Let Caleb live out the philosophy he still supports.

  3. I'm not as nice as my fellow liberals. It's true that in general, no one deserves this kid of painful, unpleasant death.

    I make an exception however, for those who are happy to consign others to such deaths, only to beg and plead for personal mercy. It's the most basic form of cowardice and hypocrisy. Only a narcissist would genuinely expect the same help he would happily deny to others.

    If his liver is failing, then that's presumably because it's irresponsible. Of course, healing or replacing it would be socialism and would simply generate perverse incentives, so the right thing to do is to let it fail. The market will naturally eventually respond by getting one of his other, harder-working and more thrifty, organs to pick up the slack, or just growing a new one, presumably. 'Creative destruction' and all that.

  4. I've got to be honest, I was feeling really bad for this guy until I read his Tweets about Ebert. If there were such a thing as hell, Howe would be headed straight for it. Good riddance.

    Or, in his own words, "he'll be dead really, really soon. So fuck him."

  5. Looks like his karma ran over his dogma.

  6. The point you all are missing here is that None of you is Required to help pay his medical bills. He has been arguing for your right not to pay his bills.
    His tragic situation is His and his alone the way it should be. If you choose to help him out, then bless you for it. If not, that's your choice. The way it should be.
    None of us should have to pay for anyone else. That is all

    1. Right... because no one pays for anything when the uninsured show up in the emergency room. So unless he gets turned away, which he won't (and shouldn't) be, the rest of us are picking up his tab.

  7. The point that you are missing is that sick people shouldn't be left to beg for medical care, no matter how much of a selfish douchebag they were. That's NOT the way it should be.

  8. "Has his boss, Erick Erickson, lost a good chunk of respect for him for relying on others to help him out instead of sucking it up and bootstrapping his way out this mess? Does this constitute a moral failing?"

    Nahhh. Wingers love private charity because it gives them the chance to talk about Judeo-Christian virtue and how much better it is than the coercive power of the evil, jackbooted government. (Plus it means that people in need who have friends with means will get by, while people in need who don't have a well-off support network are out of luck -- just as God intended!)

  9. Congress works for corporations. The entire US government seems to exist to take from the poor and give to shareholders of public companies. Thanks for the post.

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