Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meet The Newest Right-Wing Scandal: PRONOUN-GATE

Have you guys heard of the latest, hip, new scandal that all the conservative kids are hyping up nowadays? Allow me to introduce you guys to Pronoun-gate:

On August 30, President Obama informed the American public that the U.S. military is at his personal disposal. And today at the G20 summit, Obama reiterated to the world that all our American armed forces are belong to him.

And look that. The writer even managed to include a reference to them vidya games (probably the last one he played, in fact).

Yes, it seems Republican land is pissed off that the dirty Kenyan socialist dared to refer to the military as "his". Never mind that whole "commander-in-chief" thing. Here's a few outraged tweets (click here if the pic below doesn't embiggen properly):

That tweet by the Wall Street Journal's, James Taranto, in particular, caught my eye. "The world's military"? Guh?

Anyway, I wish that conservatives would spread out their scandals in a longer period of time. I mean, we just had desk-defilement-gate a few days ago!

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