Sunday, September 8, 2013

Well, I'm Totally Shocked At This...

Well, look it what we got here! Today, I came across something that I'm sure will no doubt, shock everyone. posted a piece about how Chairman ObaMAO continues to defile the office of the presidency, by daring to put his feet on the presidential desk! As tragicomedic as this latest complaint was, I found that there was something interesting about this particular post.

See, whoever posted this referred to a link from Glenn Beck's site, The Blaze. As it turns out, the post curiously left out some key elements from the original link. Notably, pictures of previous presidents, previous REPUBLICAN presidents, doing the exact same thing:

And this:

...and this: well as President Kennedy clearly showing a similar level of disrespect:

And yet, for some strange, inexplicable reason, doesn't seem to show those images. Almost as if they didn't want their idiot target audience to see something that would undercut the thing they were bitching about.

Kudos to Dave Urbankski for at least attempting to play fair.


  1. Yeah, but Obama is STANDING while putting one foot on his desk, the good white Presidents are all sitting, emulating God on the Seventh Day, resting.

    Clearly, Obama's a fascist. And a communist. And a terrorist. And a Sunkist. And a servlist. Probably also a sea mist. And he deserves our clenched fist. Because he makes righties so pissed.

    1. Wiping tears of laughter from my face-This is the funniest post I have read in a LONG time. Thanks for the laugh. The right wingnuts have been such a dissapointment to the thinking side of the human race. Sad thing is, they don't even see why.

  2. that anon is my hero ^^^^^

  3. Yeah, but none of those other guys were a "secret Muslim". If you know what I mean...

    Black. I mean black. I was probably being confusing by using the allusion, so just to be clear: black.

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