Friday, November 15, 2013

Michelle Bachmann: Obamacare Forced Me To Give Up My Obamacare!

So CNN's Wolf Blitzer once again invited Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Arkham Asylum) to opine on how Obamacare is destroying everything it touches. The latest victim in this instance is apparently Bachmann herself:

How sad.

Bachmann is correct in this case, that Obamacare, as it was written, would cause her to lose her previous health care plan. All members of congress are mandated by law to sign up on the Obamacare exchanges to get health insurance, instead of going through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (which is what Bachmann was originally using). Of course, what she doesn't mention is that this is the direct result of  one of her idiot colleagues in the Senate, trying to score some stupid political points.

Bachmann goes on to say that her husband has "very significant health issues" and that they "have to have health insurance".

Really sorry to hear that, but she should probably blame the aforementioned idiot colleague for coming up with the idea that got her kicked out of her original plan, instead of Obama. Of course she won't do that because she originally thought that the aforementioned idiot colleague's proposal was a swell idea.

But the best thing about this story was seeing Bachmann trashing Obamacare, while praising her original health care plan, under the FEHBP. Why? Cause the FEHBP was pretty much Obamacare before Obamacare!

Never change, Michelle.


  1. I wonder how much she would pay for insurance with her husband's pre-existing conditions before the ACA compared to after.

  2. It's "Michele" with only one L.

    A helpful mnemonic:

    "One L and two crazy I's."

    "One L and two crazy I's"