Thursday, December 12, 2013

Breaking: Republican Base Is Still Crazy

This was posted a few days ago on Michelle Malkin's Twitchy:

And the awesome college football trash-talk continued ahead of the Iron Bowl.
An Auburn fan went after Alabama head coach Nick Saban with the “biggest insult” he could imagine. Heh.

What pray tell was this "biggest insult" this person could imagine? If you guessed that it some how involves Obamacare, congrats. You win whole extra bottle of whore pills:

"Heh", indeed.

What follows is various right-wingers high-fiving each other for coming up with the GREATEST INSULT IN THE HISTORY OF MOCKERY (which I won't bother posting).

I know I should be desensitized to this sort of thing from these people, but they still never fail to impress. I get that they're not fans of Obamacare. Fine. But why does there have to be this apoplectic level of hatred for it? There are tons of things that Republicans have done in the past that Dems no doubt hated as well, but can you imagine someone on the left posting "X hearts the Bush tax cuts" or "X hearts the Iraq War" in an attempt to get some epic ownage?

Seriously, what's next? Yo mama jokes regarding Obamacare? "OBAMACARE IS SO FAT, THAT WHEN IT SITS AROUND THE HOUSE, IT REALLY SITS AROUND THE HOUSE!"

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